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We’re your top barber shop and tattoo studio in Melbourne, Florida. Our skilled, experienced barbers and tattoo artists are ready to give you a new look and help you discover your sense of style with our superb professionalism and awesome creativity. We offer a wide range of services to bring out your best image.

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Our range of gentlemen services include haircut and beard services.  Whether it’s a regular haircut, hot towel haircut service or haircut-and-beard package, our barbers can produce results that are worth your time spent and the investment you put in on your image. How about some cool unique haircut designs that make you stand out among the crowd? Whether they’re stars, curves, curls, shapes or lines, among others, these designs are perfect with shaved heads, fade haircuts or faux hawks.

Our barbers also cater to children who can enjoy reduced prices. Choose from regular kids’ haircuts or one of our awesome haircut designs to give them an amazing sense of style and personality.

SUNDAY : 10am – 10pm

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TUESDAY : 9am – 10pm

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THURSDAY : 10am – 10pm

FRIDAY : 8:30am – 10pm

SATURDAY : 8:30am – 10pm

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Your Tattoo Destination

Downtown’s Finest is your one-stop destination for all your tattoo needs for both men and women. We have a massive variety of designs for you to choose from, regardless of size and themes. Our experienced, dependable and creative tattoo artists can also help you when you bring in reference materials, sketches, stencils, and even ideas or examples. Explore our image gallery to have more ideas on the designs we can tattoo on you.


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