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Downtown’s Finest Barber offers a range of beard services whether you want them shaved off or simply keep them trimmed.

  • Haircut with beard. It makes sense to have your hair cut and your beard serviced at the same time, as they both contribute to the overall look of your face. Having this service will ensure they are styled in a way that complements each other. 
  • Line up or mask. We give your stubble or faded beard some well-defined hard edges for a more stylish appeal.
  • Hot towel service. Relax and unwind with our hot towel soothing your hair and skin while we style your beard or give you a close shave.
BEARD TRIM : $20 & Up
HAIRCUT & BEARD : $40 & Up
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We have haircut service packages that include our beard services, so make sure to talk to our professional barbers about your available options.

When it comes to beard services, you can count on our barbers to provide a superb job. They have several years of experience in the industry, and thus, they don’t just give you any haircut and beard services, you can also trust them in determining the best hair-and-beard look that best suits you.