Custom Fades

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Custom Fades

Fades add a bold touch and a modern twist to your regular haircuts. They differ from the taper style in traditional haircuts in the sense that fades expose your skin as the hair transitions to the bottom. It requires superb barber clipper handling skills to create a fade haircut with the perfect gradual blending from the short to the long strands.

Custom fade designs require artistic skills as well as careful razor handling to create the perfect masterpiece. You can depend on our highly trained and experienced barbers to provide all your creative needs.

HAIRCUT : $30 & Up
DESIGNS : $15 & Up
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Bring your fades to a higher level of excitement by opting for the more customized haircut designs. They’re perfect for individuals who want a more creative and unique appeal.

  • A hard part gives your hair a bolder parting line
  • Straight lines in parallel or in angles
  • A lifeline or electrocardiogram line
  • Musical notes, soccer ball pattern and other designs related to your passion
  • Stylish combination of curves and waves
  • Star, heart and other shapes
  • And many others

Our barbers at Downtown’s Finest are well-trained and highly experienced in all sorts of haircuts including not just achieving the perfect fade but also determining the perfect type of fade that best suits your look.

  • Low, Mid, or High fade
  • Bald/Skin fade
  • Undercut fade
  • Drop fade
  • Burst fade
  • And among others

Check out our photo gallery showcase to see the custom fade haircuts and designs we have done for our clients.