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Piercing is a popular form of body art and almost every part of your body can be the perfect place to have bars, rings, or studs on them. Our licensed professionals can cater to your piercing needs whether on your lips, nose, eyebrows, tongue, or navel, among others.

We hold piercing parties from time to time, so make sure to check out our official Facebook page to stay updated with the events we’re hosting. Most often, our regular tattoo parties also include piercing activities, so make sure to be in the know of our events.

PRICING : See Our List Below
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Get the best body piercings that you deserve only from the licensed piercers at the Downtown’s Finest Barber Shop and Tattoo Studio!

  • Jewelry Change Out – $10 & Up
  • Ear Lobes – $50/Single $80/Double
  • Helix: Cartilage: – $60
  • Tongue – $60
  • Snake Eyes – $100
  • Industrial – $80
  • Surface Piercing: Bridge/Cheek/Eyebrow – $80
  • Nostril – $60
  • Septum – $70
  • Monroe/Medusa/Labret/Madonna – $60
  • Vertical Labret – $80
  • Snake Bites – $60/Single $100/Double
  • Dermal – $100
  • Nipples – $50/Single $80/Double
  • Navel – $60
  • Genitals: per piercing – $100 & Up
  • Gauging – $50 & Up

We can’t stress enough the importance of getting your piercings done only by a licensed professional. Here are the reasons:

  • Reduces the chance of getting piercing-related infections;
  • Ensures equipment used are sterilized and clean
  • Licensed shops are inspected regularly to ensure compliance with health and infection-control regulations
  • Professional consultation and advice
  • Aftercare instructions and support

At Downtown’s Finest, you can rest assured that all your body piercings are professionally done, as we have licensed piercers in our studio. Call to book an appointment or visit us at our studio in Downtown Melbourne today.