Tattoo services

At Downtown’s Finest, we have a massive collection of tattoo designs for men and women that you can choose from. Whether you want a massive design on your back or a small one on your wrist, our tattoo artists have the intensive knowledge, skills and creativity to give you high quality results and artwork. Get the best quality tattoo that you deserve!


Our range of amazing tattoo services include:

  • Small tattoos
  • Palm-sized tattoos
  • Larger-than-palm tattoos
  • Colored tattoos


We also offer custom tattoo services! If you have a design in mind that’s not in our collection, you can discuss your ideas with our professional tattoo artists. You can also bring some examples, sketches, stencils, and/or reference materials to ensure getting the perfect image. We will do our best to provide for all your creative needs.

As professionals, we uphold the utmost cleanliness in our tattoo studio to ensure the safety of everyone. Our facility is sanitized regularly and our staff wears PPE.

We also regularly hold tattoo parties where everyone is welcome to join. So make sure to follow us on Facebook to stay updated with our events.

Also, explore our photo gallery or browse through our FB page to discover the artistry and creativity of the tattoo designs we made for our clients.

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