Regular haircuts for kids are at reduced rates compared to adult haircuts.

Downtown’s Finest employs experienced and well-trained barbers who understand the needs of every individual. So whether your child wants a regular haircut or a stylish modern design, our barbers know the perfect way to give your boy his best look. Contact us today to book an appointment or visit us in downtown Melbourne.


Kids (10 years and younger) – $20 & Up


Explore our photo gallery to discover the various haircuts and designs that we have done in the past for children.



Downtown’s Finest Barber also caters to the youth, especially children. Traditional haircuts give your toddler and teenage boys a more prestigious look, training them to be gentlemen while they’re still young. Talk to our knowledgeable barbers today to discover which regular haircut is perfect for your little one. 

Children can have cool haircut designs, too! They’re a perfect complement to the fades and the buzz cuts, making your boys look more adorable. The most common design for them is the hard part, which is an awesome addition to a pompadour, comb-over, slick side part, and other regular haircuts. It’s also perfect for textured curly haircuts as well as curly hair with high bald fade.

Youth Styles

  • Preppy Cut
  • Undercut
  • French Crop
  • Textured Haircut
  • Pompadour
  • Curly Dome
  • Crew Cut
  • Caesar Style
  • Eyebrows
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